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Little Story About Me

My name is Kevin, and I am a pet lover trying to spread the movement of proper pet nutrition.

Growing up, I always had pets in the family and fed them foods and treats we saw marketed as the best. Having no knowledge about the pet food industry, and only relying on marketing, we were feeding synthetic, unnatural ingredients with unknown sourcing locations. My passion for proper pet nutrition started on Sept 2013, when Gummy the chiweenie joined my life. My fiance told me about raw food and we tried it since it made more sense than kibbles. He loved it right away and would not touch any brand of kibble after that. With many questions about the raw diet, I started researching. It was mind blowing, and it connected the dots to most pet health issues they have today. Eventually I started working for Tail Blazers and explored more about the pet industry. From the store, I met endless numbers of pets suffering from allergies, skin conditions, gut problems and sensitivities, so I started to make treats to help. By eliminating preservatives, chemicals, colours, wheat, flours, and grains, we are able to make meat based treats that will be easily digested and utilized by their carnivorous digestive system. With Nammy Treats, you will find the second and last ingredient added to help digestion or rebuild the immune system naturally. Treats are just the beginning of helping pets get proper nutrients, I will continue to make more products and foods to help them thrive.

Help support the movement!

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